Vocational Assessments | Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Vocational Assessments | Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Prior to conducting a vocational assessment, Sizen Vocational Services requests background information from the referral source. This information would include medical records, depositions and a vocational background summary. Referral questions regarding the case are also encouraged. Vocational assessments and screenings will assist Sizen Vocational Services in developing a unique strategy approach to relevant vocational factors on a case. Sizen Vocational Services will provide a complete report summarizing these relevant vocational factors in a detailed manner.

The vocational assessment process includes initial diagnostic consultation, vocational testing and interpretation, labor market review, pre/post earning capacity evaluation and impairment to earnings assessment.

Initial Diagnostic Consultation

In our initial consultation, we will gather pertinent background information from the client that includes medical history, education, social background, daily living activities, vocational history, transferable work skills, relevant economic factors and potential barriers to gainful and suitable employment.

Vocational Testing and Interpretation

The vocational testing and interpretation process identifies new work groups/occupations that have otherwise not have been identified for the injured party. Performance-based screenings assist the client in comparing their results and strengths to a great many employment opportunities in the labor market. Sizen Vocational Services will then match the individual results to potential employment opportunities in a designated geographical area.

Labor Market Review

Labor market reviews and surveys are geographically targeted surveys that determine hiring needs, trends, wages and physical demands of available positions targeted for the individual's work restrictions, education, work history and transferable work skills. A labor market survey will be summarized, including employer contacts, in a detailed report to the requested customer.

Pre/Post Earning Capacity Evaluation

Earning capacity is a monetary value that an injured individual had earned prior to their injury. To evaluate earning capacity, Sizen Vocational Services will analyze the injured individual’s disability and subsequent functional restrictions, education, vocational testing results, transferable work skills and training. Post injury earning capacity relies on the same vocational factors to identify suitable or appropriate occupations and subsequent wages based on those factors.

Impairment to Earnings Assessment

During this assessment, Sizen Vocational Services will utilize information rendered from the pre/post earning capacity evaluation to determine if the injured party has sustained impairment to earnings as a direct result of their functional abilities. If it is concluded that there is an impairment to earnings, a wage and benefit projection analysis is then performed.

Wage and Benefit Projections | Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Sizen Vocational Services utilizes appropriate vocational tools (pre/post earning capacity and an impairment to earnings) to determine the projected future wage and benefit loss analysis for the injured party.

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