Expert Analysis & Testimony | Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Expert Analysis & Testimony | Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Sizen Vocational Services has over 30 years of experience providing expert analysis and testimony in the following case types: Workers Compensation, Personal injury, Social Security Disability, Marriage Dissolution and Employment Discrimination.

Workers Compensation

Sizen Vocational Services provides expert analysis in vocational assessments, transferable skills/educational analysis, employability determination and wage/earning capacities for their designated customers in the Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN area.

Personal Injury

Assessing damages in a personal injury case involves identifying the injured party's pre and post earning capacities, impairment to earnings, labor market access and future wage and benefit loss projections. A detailed report will be supplied identifying these factors along with discussions and conclusions to the case.

Social Security Disability

Sizen Vocational Services will conduct a comprehensive vocational evaluation with the disabled party along with assistance in completing applications (in person or online) with the Social Security Administration. Obtaining appropriate documents from the primary care physicians is an important aspect to securing a successful decision from SSA. A vocational assessment report outlining the disabled party’s education, work history, transferable work skills and barriers to employment will be supplied to establish the support for disability.

Marriage Dissolution | Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

One of the most significant issues in marriage dissolution is establishing the earning capacity of a spouse. A vocational assessment of the spouse conducted by Sizen Vocational Services can establish their ability or inability to work, as well as their earning capacity. Educational assessments are also conducted to document potential earning capacity of the spouse.

Employment Discrimination

Monetary damages as a result of employment practices such as wrongful discharge, sexual-harassment, racial discrimination and gender/age discrimination can be identified through a vocational assessment by Sizen Vocational Services. Possibilities may include loss of earnings, a reduction in earning capacity, labor market access or the cost of initiating new career/career change.

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