Case Management Services | Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Case Management Services | Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Medical Management –
Developing, Coordinating and Implementing Return to Work Plans

At Sizen Vocational Services, our Case Managers are highly-trained and experienced in vocational rehabilitation case management in the Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN area. By combining comprehensive medical and vocational services, we can provide our clients with a dedicated and thorough return to work plan.

A certified workers compensation case manager will:

  • Meet with injured employees to obtain background information pertaining to their case.
  • Assess medical case files and determine appropriate case direction – i.e. medical specialty, 2nd opinions, functional assessments, etc.
  • Plan and coordinate return to work actions with employees, medical providers and employers.

On-Site Job Analysis / Ergonomic Assessments

In appropriate cases, Sizen Vocational Services can evaluate the physical demands of existing and potential positions to determine whether an individual can effectively and safely handle those duties. Employers and disability insurers can count on Sizen Vocational Services to provide a thorough assessment so that parties fully understand the functional and cognitive demands of each position assessed.

Sizen Vocational Services can also assess an employee’s workstation ergonomics to ensure that the workstation design is appropriate based on their medical restrictions. The goal is to minimize risk of injury and maximize productivity.

Vocational Test Administration, Interpretation and Guidance

If a qualified employee is contemplating a career change due to their work related injury and restrictions, vocational testing and interpretation may be necessary to identify appropriate vocational work options for further exploration. Sizen Vocational Services utilizes ability/aptitude, achievement and interest testing in this process. Sizen Vocational Services will then work with the qualified employee to provide additional guidance through researching physical demands, wages and labor market conditions of the jobs that are identified through this process.

Job Seeking Skills Training / Job Placement Services

Sizen Vocational Services can help make a smoother transition back into the job market by training individuals in necessary job seeking skills. These skills include resume building, application completion, interviewing techniques, appropriate employer follow-up contacts, job search strategies, cold calling and job log completion.

Sizen Vocational Services also offers assistance to each individual by providing a dedicated placement specialist to directly aid in an individual’s job search plan. The dedicated placement specialist will provide appropriate job leads, assist the client in appropriate application completion, help with forwarding resumes, arranging interviews as needed and assessing job search participation in the Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN area.

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