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Sizen Vocational Services offers more than 30 years of professional experience in the vocational rehabilitation arena in Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota and surrounding states. We provide case management, vocational assessment and expert analysis services. Case management involves working with medical providers, employers, labor unions, disability insurers and attorneys with the overall objective of successfully developing and implementing return to work plans for injured workers. The company has been able to assist countless individuals and employers in developing action plans that are supportive and respectful of all parties' unique needs and expectations.

The vocational assessment process under Sizen Vocational Services will assist the employer, attorney and/or disability insurance company in assessing the injured individual through a thorough and complete analysis to determine loss of vocational functioning due to an injury. The vocational assessment process consists of a diagnostic interview, vocational testing/interpretation, transferable skills analysis, education/training analysis, impairment to earnings assessment, pre/post-earning capacity evaluation and a final vocational assessment report.

Expert analysis and court testimony are rendered through several field case types, such as workers compensation, personal injury, wrongful death, social security disability, long term disability, divorce proceedings and employment discrimination. Sizen Vocational Services, with several years of court experience, can assist parties in assessing and rendering opinions on the vocational factors of a case.

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For more than 30 years, Sizen Vocational Services has gone above and beyond to serve its customers in the Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN area. Establishing and maintaining positive working relationships and utilizing critical resources when needed is the guiding principle behind our company's success.
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